It happened again, didn’t it?


You saw another email or newsfeed ad that promises
to help you make money online.


Rolls eyes. I am so blind to them that I just
ignore them nowadays.


Those pictures of laptop by the beach (I’ve been
there and done that- not ideal- your keyboard gets
sand all over it and the metal overheats and burns
your thighs).


Those scammy-picture type ads appeal to people who
are looking to get-rich-quick

“Work at home! Make $3,000/week! Barely have to


These people are looking to provide for their
basic needs and want to have a stable income, they
respond well to “Side Income” kind of talk.


If you happen to fall in this category, the
product I’m about to show you, is not for you.


Who this is for:


If you have ever said and truly believe that:

“I want to DO something with my life.“


If you have the esteem to want to do an internet
business that no only provides you with money, but
is also deeply fulfilling.


If you want to have the important skill to sell
and market any product or service and be
indispensable to your current organisation or to
super charge your business growth in 2016 and
beyond, this is for you.


Now, you are probably well-educated and
well-travelled— you don’t need me to tell you that
you are smart.


But admit it… how much of your internet marketing
knowledge have you applied and actually profit


For every $10 that you spend, are you able to
bring in a respectable ROI on that ad spend?


My mentor always said that the different between
thinking and doing, inaction and action is zero to


Right action makes all the difference.


You know that internet based businesses are
rising, that people are making 5,6,7 digits online
month after month.


You know that with the right method, it is your
time to replicate those results for yourself.


I’m going to show you the best-selling video
training I have. This is good stuff, get excited.


I’ll introduce you to my student, Samantha.


Samantha owns her own florist shop.


On December 29th, I received a phone call. It was
a lady who told me she got my number from one of
her friends. She didn’t sound right over the
phone, it was as if she had been crying.


“Tavia, you are the only one who can help me turn
my business around. I can’t make rent this month,
my dreams of starting my own business is dying…. I
have to go back to my 9-5 if this doesn’t work
out. I told myself I have to succeed”…


I said “Ok, calm down Samantha.. tell me your
problems and I’ll help you find ways to work
through it”.


The problem, was that her margins were way too low
for a retail business and she couldn’t cover the
rent of $12,000 by selling flowers.


The math just didn’t work out, if she sold flowers
for $10 each, she needed to move 1200 bouquets a
month. At that location, plus other overheads, she
was force to shut as she couldn’t make rent.


She learnt internet marketing from me and we
helped her move her retail business online.


We used the exact method outlined in the training
videos to help her with creating viral elements,
created a compelling copy for her products and
taught her to use Facebook ads to generate sales
for her business. I also introduced her to an
ecommerce platform that could manage all her
orders for her effortlessly.


Samantha took just 1 hour to follow my
step-by-step video instructions and got her shop
set up. She brought in her first sale of USD$160
in 8 hours and tripled that sales figure in 3


Today, she set up 4 other shops selling other
products, but using the same method I have
prescribed to create her campaigns.


The beauty of this simple, little-known method…you
don’t even need to have a product to sell.
Samantha moved on to selling toys, tea sets and
even motorised drones (she just responded to the
market’s needs and had a good sourcing agent to
help her fulfil those orders— I’ll show you the
EXACT sourcing agent to use in the training videos
for you to get these products to sell. You don’t
need to hold inventory, just order only when you
have received the money for your client)


It is amazingly effective. That is why my training
course needed no ads, orders kept coming in from
word-of-mouth and referrals from my past students.
Because I have so many emails and PMs about the
product, I decided to release this method to you
and automate the delivery so I have an easier time
dealing with the demand.


I can’t give out too much about the method,
because it is unusual, and effective.


Here’s what you need to know:


No product needed.

No technical coding stuff needed.

No website needed.

No hosting needed.

You don’t need to have an internet business.

You don’t need marketing experience.


What you need:


You just need a Facebook account,

stable wifi connection, $10 to start ads and about
2 hours to set it all up.


The beauty is that you can take the knowledge from
this training alone and apply it to other internet
business ideas you have. It is timeless and it
simply works.


I have tried many difficult and time consuming
things like creating a blog, creating endless
pieces of content, finding a niche, finding a
winning product, creating your own digital
product, selling affiliate products….


None of it worked as effectively from a time-spent
and dollar-spent — to results- ratio as this
method I’m about to show you.


This is the simplest method to start making your
sale online. You can get started in 2 hours flat.


For all those people who have paid thousands and
thousands on courses that don’t work, this is
going to blow your mind. The gurus never taught
you this method—— because they simply don’t know


Once I realised how powerful this was, how VIRAL
this was, I knew news of this training would blow
up fast.


Hidden benefits of getting the Video Training :
you can go on and sell this knowledge to others at
10x the price I am going to give it to you today.


Simply because, people are willing to pay for
things that work.


If you know someone that would be hungry to learn
this method, you can sell this method to them for
10x the amount I am charging for it today.


It’s up to you to be industrious. It’s great.


But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what
other customers had to say:


“When I first bought the product, I was skeptical
because the videos were short— I used to buy
courses from Udemy that had over 80 modules of the
same price.


But after I set it up according to your
step-by-step instructions, I was blown away by its


Thanks for inviting me to buy your product, I’ve
never been more satisfied with my purchase.


I’ve been trying to watch those Udemy video stuff
for months and it hasn’t work to make me money.
Now, after your 1 hour videos… First $50 sale in a


You really cut through the noise for me.”


Zach Meltzer, Isreal.

“Hi Tavia, your viral campaign method was so
simple, yet so genius. I’ve never thought to use
it like that. But hey, it works. Less ad spend and
more sales hitting my $900 mark in 3 weeks and I
was being lazy.


Thanks marketing genius.”


Harrison Coldray, UK

“I can’t believe I don’t need to even know what
I’m selling, in order to make money. This
fascinates me everyday— and that sourcing agent—
I’ve never even thought of using it the way you
did. 2 thumbs up.


On my way to the first 1k mark!! thanks for being
my mentor!”


Amy Chung, Singapore

Would you like to get access to the video training
they were raving about?


For less than the course of a live training event
($5k and up), you get full access to the exact
method I use to make money online using one of my
most effective campaigns.


For less than the cost of your holiday ($3k and
up), you get to have the exact method that will
allow you to go on more vacations this year than
any year prior.


Here’s the run through of what you will get with
the Video Training product:


I have designed this to be super simple to follow,
it is a set of 3 videos that should take you less
than 60 minutes to go through.


Phase 1: you will be choosing a "VIRAL" product
through a trending content (content type revealed
upon purchase)


Phase 2: you will locate the product on (source
agent name revealed upon purchase)


Phase 3: you will set up your store on *******
(commerce platform will be revealed upon purchase)
(For now, you can use the FREE plan)-- increase
the price of the

product by 300-400%


Phase 4: you will do simple copywriting (exact
copy of my winning campaign shown in video) and
set up FB ads to the video and to your shopify
link (yes, you freaking get FB ads training thrown
in for you)


Phase 5: When you get an order on your stall, go
to Source Agent (revealed upon purchase) and place
the order, putting in your

CUSTOMER'S address instead of yours


Phase 6: answer any questions your customers might


Rinse and repeat for new products.


So, unlike other training modules that gives you
hours of videos just to look like it has a lot of
content and meat. I stick to what works. The
entire set of THREE (3) training videos are less
than an hour each.


Follow it exactly and you’ll get your store set up
in 1 hour, if you take longer, 2.


It took me hours of testing and tons of failed ads
and thousands $$$ to engineer this method that
works. But it was totally worth it.


It makes selling anything online SO much easier,
even for a complete newbie.


What used to take someone months to set up, now is
shortened into 1 hr, max 2.


It gives you the exact method, so you can set up
your shop effortlessly.


It shows you how to set up ads, so you can build
winning campaigns for this and all your future


Plus, you get access to my email support for a
full 30 days to ask any questions regarding the
training. I’m more than happy to help you. (my
consultation charges start from $500 an hour, but
when you get the Video training product, you get
my full 30 day email support as well)


The total value of all this is more than $5k (my
viral method that has generated thousands for
myself and students, the testing I went through,
the time, the consultation)…


If all of this was to give you the freedom you’ve
always wanted in life, to have time to pursue your
true passions, would it be worth it?


If all of this was to give you the power to say
“no” to something or someone that is not working
out in your life right now, would it be worth it?


I’m not going to charge you $5k, because I want
you to have a true and real chance or making a
change in your life, I’m only going to charge you


I’m going to take away all the risk for you and
give you my “SHIOK!” guarantee.


In Singapore, “shiok” is a slang that means “super
pleasurable and enjoyable”.


If you set up your ads and drove traffic daily like the viral

method I taught you, set up your store and

your product (screenshots) and you still haven't made a sale

within 60 days, you can take up my guarantee and return the product. 


No hard feelings. Even with the black-hat guys who

just buy my products to steal it and then ask for

a refund, my refund rate has been less than 0.5%,
that is incredible given that it is my
best-selling digital product.


But you have to act now, because there is an
element in the product that allows you to heavily
cash in in just a few days— you don’t want to miss
that wave. Trust me.


Just imagine, in a few minutes, you will have full
access to the exact training modules of one of my
strongest online funnels that is making me 5
digits a month. You will be on my dream team and
be one of us, the 5 digit month makers :)


So click on the link below and Buy right now.

For those of you who click Buy Now, you will be
taken to a secure payment page, then your video
trainings will be available. In just 1 hour, you
have a LIVE shop up and running and sales are
ready to pour in.


You see, it doesn't matter if you don't go for
this product, I will still be going about my daily
business, running my ad campagins, writing copy,
tweaking sales funnels and hitting goals with
absolute certainty--- whether or not you choose to
join our team.

Without my help, you'll ALWAYS be working harder
than what you actually, really need to.

I know, it sounds kind of harsh and almost
arrogant, but I'll think you'll agree it's true. I
have made this method work and I can make it work
for you.

Buy Now and you'll get the entire set of video
training, you'd know the exact sourcing agent, the
exact viral elements, the exact ads to use, what I
do to get the whole store set up in less than 2
hours plus my 30 day email support, where I
personally answer you.